A comparison of the golden ages of greece rome and china

He chose to die slowly by drinking the poison hemlock. He proposed that the planets revolved around the sun Watson Included in the vast education of Greece were philosophy and literature. In the art of sculpting, sculptors aimed to create figures that were strong, graceful, and perfectly formed and their faces showed only serenity Beck The legislative passed laws, the executive carried out the laws, and the judicial held trials Falls Their values of order, balance, and proportion became the standard of what is called classical art Beck Any man could propose a motion and if it received a majority of votes, it normally became a law Clapham These were the "Iliad" and the "Odyssey" Clapham He had studied with Socrates.

It held public theater performances during the fifth century B. One example of classical art is the statue of the goddess Athena, by Phidias, which stood 38 feet tall Watson In Ancient Greece, the great heights that were reached in education, technology, and government led them to their Golden Age.

There were three branches of government: As in Greece, Ancient Rome reached great heights in the fields of education, technology, and government that led them to their Golden Age. In a direct democracy, citizens rule directly without any representatives Clapham The Parthenon was built to honor the goddess of war, Athena.

Its 46 support columns and decorative relief panels add character and add Aristarchus was an educated astronomer who disproved the belief that the sun was smaller then Greece Watson The artistic and literal legacies of these periods continue to instruct and inspire people today Beck He was a very powerful thinker and developed a question and answer method of teaching known as the "Socratic Method" Watson Their achievements in education, technology, and government have greatly influenced modern society.

Male citizens met several times a month in a general assembly where each citizen had a vote Clapham For this he was put on trial and the jury sentenced him to death. Another noted philosopher was Plato. One of the most important pieces of architecture was the Parthenon.The Golden Ages: Rome & Greece Giselle Chen Port Richmond High School Mrs.

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in Rome, Athens, Gupta India, Han China, and the other civilizations: The golden age of Shang.

The Golden Ages Greece Rome and China

The golden ages of Greece, Rome, and Islam. The Mongol Empire was. 1.

Compare and contrast the role of geography on the development of the Greek and Roman Empires. Ancient Greece consisted mainly of a mountainous peninsula jutting out into the Mediterranean Sea and about 2, islands in the Aegean Sea.

The sea shaped Greek civilization in many ways, especially when it came to sea travel. Comparing and Contrasting Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Search the site GO.

History & Culture. Ancient History & Culture Basics Major Figures & Events Ancient Languages Greece & Sparta Egypt Asia Rome Political Aspects of the Classical Age of Greece. How Did Ancient Romans Keep Clean? Atheism and Skepticism in Ancient Greece.

A comparison of the golden ages of greece rome and china
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