Annotated bibliographies on the benefits of community gardens

Aim for a healthy weight. Thirdly, CBPR approaches combine the expertise offered in study design and evaluation from academic partners with important insights provided by community members, creating unique synergies that when successful, can result in important research collaborations The goal is to use less space to grow more food.

For Hispanic families this is especially important since they carry the tradition of a family garden with them from Mexico 9. Current research provides preliminary support for the positive impact of community gardens on individual and community health factors.

There are so many benefits to getting your hands dirty. Soil contamination and acquiring land can become a challenge in implementing a community garden. Participants had lived in the U. Some evidence suggests that such programs may improve academic performance as well.

I met grandmothers and children who were passionate about gardening. Will Allen, a MacArthur fellow, and his organization, Growing Power, uses a historic two-acre plot in the middle of a mostly residential community for its urban agriculture operations.

Approaches to studying family gardening are complicated. To provide recycling of food waste as compost? Eighty-one and a half percent of homes with children under 18 were two parent homes. First, the CBPR approach allows for the time necessary to develop a successful relationship between academic partners and community members that is essential when a lack of trust initially exists.

Key informant interviews were conducted with participating families at the end of the gardening season to further evaluate the project. These benefits clearly indicate that community gardening can have a profound effect on the lives of individuals and the well-being of communities.

They strive to provide long-term food security by supporting local agriculture projects while also improving economic, social and environmental problems. Another study based in East Los Angeles showed similar results. Children who participate in garden-based learning during the school day show increased levels of physical activity compared to those who learn only inside a classroom.

Funding attained for this project supported local families who want to grow a home garden by providing resources, materials, volunteer support, and a social network that included meetings, an end of growing season fiesta and ongoing contact with Promotores.

Bhupathiraju, Shilpa, and Katherine Tucker. Draper and Freedman indicates that these types of programs have positive benefits on knowledge of fruits and vegetables, intention to buy more fruits and vegetables, consumption of fruits and vegetables, and other physical and mental health benefits.

Field notes from the 10 key informant interviews were also reviewed and coded similarly. With a goal toward accommodating the growth of good food, landscape architects, builders, developers and community members are looking at the creative use of public walks and spaces as ways to integrate fruit trees and vegetables into urban planning.

Print Do you want your family to eat more fresh vegetables and fruit? Gardens also have the ability to improve sustainability by acting as an air filter absorbing and reprocessing carbon carbon sequestrationwhich in turn reduces global warming.

In order to address immediate food access issues, community approaches to improve access to healthy foods such as community gardens have seen a recent resurgence, according to McCormack, et al.

Community gardening satisfies many human needs including the basic need for food and a reliable source of nutrition.

The furthest community is 18 miles away from The Next Door Inc. The median number of occupants in a household was 4.

Community Garden Essay

The OHSU group developed educational materials about the harms of pesticides and how best to avoid them while still controlling insects. Studies have shown there is an even greater rate among Hispanic migrant seasonal farm workers with rates of food insecurity ranging from To learn more about gardening and ways to get started, visit the CDC’s community gardens page, which provides information about gardening for health and links to reliable information sources.

Also see The Benefits of Colorful Produce. An Annotated Bibliography in early Community gardening has been the subject of increasing Community gardening has been the subject of increasing academic and professional attention since then, and this revised and expanded edition includes the.

The Many Benefits of Community Gardens

Community gardens offer a focal point for community organizing, and can lead to community-based efforts to deal with other social concerns. • Community gardens give youth a safe place to interact with peers and can involve them in beneficial activi. Benefits of Community Gardens Community gardening is one of 10 green elements selected by CTCAC as part of its list of sustainable items that developers can use to comply with the hotly.

Community gardens can help reduce negative environmental impacts by promoting sustainable agriculture; reducing food transportation costs and reducing water runoff.

Humans, plants and animals can all benefit from urban agriculture since it creates habitats and improves the ecology of the area. More Essay Examples on Food safety Rubric. Community garden has a potential for bringing people together and building and enhancing relationships.

These benefits clearly indicate that community gardening can have a profound effect on the lives of individuals and the well-being of communities.

Annotated bibliographies on the benefits of community gardens
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