Benefits of democracy essay

Muscle power and money power work hand-in-hand to ensure success to him. Democracies are run by incompetent persons.

The Advantages of Democracy in America

By paying the media, the rich can influence the decisions of the common man, using it to their advantage to bring in more votes for the candidate they prefer. A political party aims at capturing power.

Truth be told, not all individuals under a democratic government are aware of the political and social circumstances in their country. It makes for a responsible and stable administration. Rather than being run by the common people, the democracy America lives in now appears to be run by the rich.

It risks the wrong choice of public servants. Individuals readily take active part in such a government. One of the disadvantages to be thrown at democracy is the freedom not to vote.

Citizens learn their rights and duties from birth till death in it. Democracy is a huge waste of time and resources.

Democracy with favoritism, in the long run, gives rise to rampant corruption and real accountability towards public opinion might fade to a zero.

What Are the Benefits of Democracy in Government?

Critics are of opinion that "it is against the law of nature to grant equal status to everybody. People tend to have higher morale and a better quality of life when they feel like they have basic human rights.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Democracy?

If a leader was not able to perform well while in office, the citizens can have the assurance that they can choose a better government official come elections. Because democracy is maintained by people in theory, hence a bad government becomes the only alternative people have in case the elected ones turn rogue.

As previously stated, the citizens in a democratic country are given the right to vote on political, social and economical issues, particularly the representatives they want to be in charge of making major decisions, such as the president.

The social gap is thus reduced.

16 Significant Advantages and Disadvantages of Democracy

Sense of responsibility among common people:May 23,  · The Advantages of Democracy in America May 22, by Natasha Quinonez Living under a democratic system can have its advantages, but it can also have its Natasha Quinonez.

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Delivering the Benefits of Democracy U.S. Permanent Mission to the Organization of American States Presented to the Preparatory Committee of the Permanent Council for the General Assembly of the OAS.

Home List of Pros and Cons 16 Significant Advantages and Disadvantages of Democracy. 16 Significant Advantages and Disadvantages of Democracy. List of Pros and Cons; Jul 6, 16 Significant Advantages and Disadvantages of Democracy.

Free Essay: Trident University Module 5 CA ENG 20 June The effects and benefits of Democracy in China Introduction For Americans. One of the most significant societal benefits of a democracy is that it is intended to provide equality and access to opportunity for all citizens. Additionally, a democracy is designed with checks and balances to minimize the potential for abuses of political power.

11 Advantages and Disadvantages of Democracy

A democracy gives citizens the.

Benefits of democracy essay
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