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According to critics, the consulate site should have been secured better both before and after the attack. As a result, a number of potential "anti-Romney" candidates were put forward, [19] [20] including future President Donald Trump[21] Sarah Palin[22] Chris Christie[23] and Texas Governor Rick Perry[24] the last of whom decided to run in August Wisconsin collective bargaining dispute[ edit ] Main article: Senate candidate Richard Mourdockwho said that pregnancy from rape was "something that God intended".

He unexpectedly carried three states in a row on February 7 and overtook Romney in nationwide opinion polls, becoming the only candidate in the race to effectively challenge the notion that Romney was the inevitable nominee.

No other candidate had unpledged delegates. Four people were killed, including U. Due to a number of scandals, Cain withdrew just before the end of the year, after having gotten on the ballot in several states.

United States presidential election, 2012

The Super Tuesday primaries took place on March 6. Rape and pregnancy controversies and the "War on Women"[ edit ] Main articles: A total of thirteen debates competitia business plan 2012 electoral votes held before the Iowa caucuses. This was initially blamed on a series of protests and violent attacks began in response to a YouTube trailer for the controversial film Innocence of Muslimsconsidered blasphemous by many Muslims.

Perry did poorly in the debates, however, and Herman Cain and then Newt Gingrich came into the fore in October and November.

Presidential election results

Romney carried six states, Santorum carried three, and Gingrich won only in his home state of Georgia. Christopher Stevensand ten others were injured. After winning the June 5 primaries in California and several other states, Romney had received more than enough pledged delegates to clinch the nomination without counting unpledged delegates, making the June 26 Utah Primary, the last contest of the cycle, purely symbolic.

Michele Bachmann participating, and Gary Johnson excluded. Bachmann withdrew after finishing sixth in the Iowa caucuses, [32] Huntsman withdrew after coming in third in New Hampshire, and Perry withdrew when polls showed him drawing low numbers in South Carolina.

2012 Presidential Election Actual Results

Unresolved issues from and [ edit ] Many of the major issues of the election were the same as in both and The first major event of the campaign was the Ames Straw Pollwhich took place in Iowa on August 13, Michele Bachmann won the straw poll this ultimately proved to be the acme of her campaign.

Santorum won Kansas and three Southern primaries, but he was unable to make any substantial gain on Romney, who became a formidable frontrunner after securing more than half of the delegates allocated in March. Issues[ edit ] Despite various issues during this election cycle, ultimately little overall change occurred on both the Federal and the gubernatorial level.

He stated that pregnancy from rape rarely occurs as a result of what he referred to as "legitimate rape. These protests became a major driving force of multiple recall electionsincluding state senators in andGovernor Scott Walker in and a contentious Wisconsin Supreme Court election in A number of candidates dropped out at this point in the nomination process.

Rape and pregnancy controversies in the United States elections and War on Women Starting in Augusta series of controversies occurred involving comments made by a number of socially conservative Republican candidates regarding issues regarding rape, pregnancy, and abortion, bringing these issues to the forefront.

The delegate estimates for the other candidates were Santorum at delegates, Paul atGingrich atBachmann at 1, Huntsman at 1, and all others at 0.View the electoral votes, popular votes, electors, and certificates of past presidential elections.

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Latest on the Georgia Elections from the Politics team. Headlines and video, candidates' positions on the issues, fundraising totals, States to Watch news and analysis, and a unique. OFFICIAL PRESIDENTIAL GENERAL ELECTION RESULTS General Election Date: 11/06/ DATE: January 17, SOURCE: State Elections Offices State Elections Offices *Note: Italics Indicate Write -In Votes - Page 1 of 8 - STATE ALEXANDER ANDERSON BALDWIN BARNETT BARR BOSS CARLSON CHRISTENSEN AL VOTES.


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2012 Presidential Election

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Competitia business plan 2012 electoral votes
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