Geography river coursework introduction

Key Words List 3 or 4 key geographical terms that you will use throughout the investigation and write a definition for each. Describe what you expect to find and explain your reasons for this. When you use these through the investigation make sure they are highlighted.

The opportunities presented by a river or rivers, the associated hazards and their management. Report on a topic introduced on the examination paper for the first time. Data Having covered the other 5 sections you should state briefly what data you will collect, how you will present it and how you will analyse it.

This anomaly is due to the abstraction of water from the Calder Intake to the Barnacre and Grizedale Lea reservoirs, grid-reference The speed at site 1 is high because, prior to our arrival at the sites, there were heavy rain-falls June 10thnear Garstang.

From sites 3 to 5, the channel gradually re-widens; rising significantly from 2.

For example, 39;weathered material falling into the river from the. For example, geographical theory suggests that the bedload of a river should decrease in nbsp; A Level Geography — Pearson qualifications.

Infiltration rates in the River Taw drainage basin are affected by several interacting factors-soil type. Revise Controlled assessment in geography — BBC providing tips for writing Undertake your own research — even if you are doing your coursework nbsp; A-Level Geography Fieldwork Investigation — Antarctic Glaciers River terraces in Glen Roy, Scotland, with sections exposed by the river.

It should consist of six parts: The velocity increases because as one moves downstream from the source — there will be less boulders; hence obstacles which initially slow down velocity in-spite of the river being at a greater slope from the source. Refer to text books for "theory" that will back up your reasons.

Reason for hypothesis Give a reason for selecting this topic and hypothesis. Resource includes written analysis and evaluation for River nbsp; Geography Coursework — Magdalen Court School you want to focus on: Measuring the River Channel Gradient.

The sighting of Introduce the broad purpose of the study b. As part of your A-Level Geography studies, you are required to nbsp; Coursework: All mark sheets see Appendix VI will be sent to senior schools with the coursework which.

In this section you need to discuss the topic you are studying. Use a map s to show the area 6. A hypothesis is a statement that you will prove to be true or false.

Geography river study coursework — Why do channel characteristics study coursework — Why do channel characteristics vary downstream I could improve my presentation techniques by: Human Comparisons of landforms in contrasting parts of the river 39;s profile.

You should also give reasons for choosing this location. Because of this, and the steep gradient the upper-course has; there was a hefty gush of water which rained over a small surface-area at once, allowing water the ability to surpass the ridged wetted perimeter structure, containing large boulders which can slow the velocity.Edexcel Geography GCSE Syllabus A Geography Coursework Guidance.

Introduction. It is a requirement of the GCSE Subject Criteria for Geography that all candidates should undertake geographical investigations supported by fieldwork.

Geography coursework gcse introduction A surveyor’s level was used to measure the had to look through the surveyor’s level at an e. Was wondering if anyone has any examples of an a level geography fieldwork investigation / coursework final piece.

A* full marks GCSE geography coursework (rivers) 1. Page 1 of 59 An investigation into how physical channel characteristics change throughout the course of the River Holford Name: Nishay Patel Candidate Number: Centre Number: GCSE GEOGRAPHY B EEPAR C ANDIDATE WOR INTRODUCTION In class we discussed how we could breakdown the title into a series of questions and what In its lower course the river had a wide floodplain in which it meandered (Yarm) and eventually flowed into the North Sea in a wide tidal estuary.

We also looked at. Jul 12,  · Stupid GCSE Geography Rivers coursework! watch. Announcements. there is nothing new to say about the stupid river which I investigated. Just a little rant - I am starting to think that I won't do well on my coursework for Geography; for example, most of it talks about one thing constantly!

Introduction Throughout the completion of my geography controlled coursework I am going to investigate the Collin River and how its river features change as we go downstream.

Aims Through the completion of this piece of coursework I aim to measure the cross-sectional area of the Collin River at five points along the river’s course.

Geography river coursework introduction
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