How to write an academic article

Internal secondary data research — particularly related to a company or organization, internal sources such as sales data, financial data, operations-related data, etc.

Key Points to Consider Tone and narrative must match the ones in use by the magazine, newspaper, or website that will publish the article.

This type of study uses deductive reasoning and established theories as a foundation for the hypotheses that will be tested and explained. The most basic methods for data collection are: For example, if the article is about a theater show, visit a theater and interview an actor or director.

In most cases, there is a wide variety of methods and procedures that you can use to explore a research topic in your academic article. Do use an appropriate tone. Check and see if you can cut off some words or place some in brackets.

Most journals will prefer the meta-analysis or quantitative reviews system. This is how you learn to set realistic targets. The main reason behind the above-average failure rate is because students do not have the required writing competencies as well as knowledge. Take your time and improve as you write more.

Goals that work need to be specific, and you need to monitor the extent to which you achieve them. So is it worth it? Qualitative research or interpretative research focuses on analytically disclosing certain practices or behaviors, and then showing how these behaviors or practices can be grouped or clustered to lead to observable outcomes.

Collect about twice as much material in notes as you think you will need to write a review article. Decide on how you want to market the article and implement all the corrections from the experts. What constitutes new knowledge in this journal at this time?

Which group or conversation can you see yourself joining? Often described as publish or perish, university researchers are under huge pressure to get their articles written and into the world. Secondary data collection could lead to Internal or External secondary data research.

A plan must be drawn up, and decisions must be made about which aspects in the article should be addressed. If there are differences, they can be corrected in subsequent drafts.

A how-to article is different from a biographical article or a tribute, for example.

Writing an Article Review

This is one of the key points of knowing how to write an academic article. Most often, writers choose articles on topics that are of interest to them. Highlight all the topic sentences — the first sentences of every paragraph — to show the stages in the argument.

Article Critique: Outstanding Ways to Come Up with It

Describe how you plan and intend to achieve an accurate assessment of the hypotheses, relationships, patterns, trends, distributions associated with your data and research purpose. The person doing the article review might need to look up unfamiliar words and phrases.

When picking an article to review, it is also essential to check whether its content and treatment appeals to you, and whether you are able to understand what is written.Feb 28,  · How to Write Articles.

Five Parts: For example, if you are writing an article for a specialized academic audience, your tone and approach will be vastly different than if you’re writing an article for a popular magazine. 3. Outline your article%(84). Dec 08,  · Make sure you fully understand the article.

The only way to write a good article review is to understand the article. 5. academic style. Your introduction should only be % of your review.

If you have to write an article review, read through the original article closely, taking notes and highlighting important sections as 90%(). When being asked to write an article, a writer should keep certain information in mind: the subject, the topic, the required length, and the audience or target market of readers.

Then, there is the all-important aspect of what the article’s use or intention is. Article Writing & Ghostwriting Projects for $10 - $ I need a professional to re-write an academic article, the material of the article is available, the professional needs to rephrase only.

Someone with perfect English skills and background in law woul.

How to Write a Research Methodology for Your Academic Article

To say academic article publishing is competitive is an understatement. Often described as publish or perish, university researchers are under huge pressure to get their articles written and into the world. There is no single correct way to write an academic article. While the framework, principles and examples presented here are based on articles that have appeared in leading academic journals, you may have to adapt it to comply with the requirements of a specific.

How to write an academic article
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