Kot 1 organizational systems and quality

In order to provide quality and safe care to patients, the nurses correspond and collaborate with the staff and other healthcare personnel. All jobs are equally important. Respect is another key to being an active leader. Afterwards, to ensure competency and confidence of staff, I wound coordinate a mandatory in-service on NG tube insertion and placement.

Communication is a very important factor within an interdisciplinary team. Fairness promotes honesty and accountability.

Being actively involved with an interdisciplinary team ensures patient safety and quality outcomes. As a leader, I would address errors and mistakes with fairness, differentiating between human errors, at risk behavior, and reckless behavior.

Another way a nurse can take an active contributing position within an interdisciplinary team is providing quality patient care, utilizing the nursing process: For example, if a nurse approaches me with a question on how to insert an NG tube, I will not belittle the person or make smart remarks because doing so will create a harmful environment.

The nurses are at the forefront of patient care, being advocates. Overall, awareness and prevention is the key to patient safety.

In order to work as a team, there has to be respect. If you understand and know your staff, you will know their work ethics and abilities to care for patients. In order to provide safety, it demands an effort of the entire facility as a whole.

Moreover, there are formal and informal positions in leadership. Instead, I would offer my assistance and knowledge to ensure patient safety. If a mistake or error was made, I would help the individual in resolving the situation to ensure patient safety first as well as documenting the incident and focus on methods of prevention with the staff.

Creating a safe environment in the healthcare setting is imperative to quality patient care. The organizations are accountable for designing systems in a way that supports and promotes safe choices by staff.

I would create an open door policy, promoting communication and offering knowledge to ensure quality care and patient safety. More Essay Examples on Patient Rubric Setting priorities and goals to ensure a quality and safe outcome, is important within an interdisciplinary team.

What is Cultural Safety? Sometimes, the blame is not just on one person, but the organization as a whole, especially if the error was system base. The nursing process is an ongoing contributing factor within patient care; therefore, is essential to an interdisciplinary team.

The nurses critically think to resolve problems using creative, logical, and analytical processes. Overall promoting fairness when dealing with errors in the healthcare setting will promote honesty, ensuring accountability and appropriate disciplinary actions.

Investigating errors and informing staff and others will help in preventing future mistakes and can be a learning tool for others in the healthcare setting.

Kot Task 1 - Part 2

For an example, without housekeeping infection control would be a critical issue, putting patient safety at risk. I want my staff to feel that they are important regardless of their title, whether you are a nurse or a housekeeper.

Moreover, utilizing the nursing process when providing patient care is indispensable to an interdisciplinary team; Because of this, nurses are promoting positive outcomes and goal achievement.

As an administrator, I would make this error be known to all facilities because unfortunately, these are common mistakes that are being made daily in healthcare settings. One way a nurse can take an active contributing position within an interdisciplinary team is communication.

Communicating frequently, exchanging information and providing feedback creates a safe working environment that is not only critical to staff, but also to the patient. Asses, plan, implement, and evaluate is the role of the nurse, providing essential baseline data in guiding care which is very important within an interdisciplinary team.

Nurses are constantly updating physicians and reporting to fellow nurses the patient progress and status.

In my opinion, this is a major downfall in the healthcare setting. If healthcare facilities make society aware of mistakes and errors due to unsafe practices in the healthcare setting, this will force other facilities to examine their protocol and practices of their staff to ensure patient safety. Transparency promotes education and prevention.

Data from the nursing process guides the direction of patient care, promoting quality outcomes. Sources Institute for Healthcare Improvement. For an example, a nurse gave an adult dose of heparin to an infant causing death.Jun 04,  · Running head: KOT TASK 2 - ORGANIZATIONAL SYSTEMS AND QUALITY KOT Task 2 - Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership Western Governors Words: Kot Task 2 Natalya Bailey KOT 1 Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership Task 2 Mrs.

Zwick Navigating healthcare is frustrating for many patients. Mrs. Zwick was. Running Head: KOT 1 KOT 1 Task 2 Organizational Systems & Quality Leadership Healthcare Utilization and Finance A1.

MEDICARE PART A. Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership Task 1 Vicki L Charles Western Governors University Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership Task 1 A.

Nursing Sensitive Indicators Nurses are essential for the highest quality care patient care. They are on the front lines, the eyes and ears of the. Kot 1 Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership Essay KOT1 Task 1 There are several types of leaders in the healthcare industry and informal leaders are becoming a more valuable asset in the management hierarchy than ever before.

KOT 1 Task 1 Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership October 5th, Leadership Strategies Two strategies that enable a nurse on an interdisciplinary team to exert leadership without occupying a formal leadership position are to be a role model and to be an advocate/problem solver.

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Kot 1 organizational systems and quality
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