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We gradually scaled up until we were migrating 1, sites per week. While Microsoft IT used custom processes, much of the work pipeline and Ms sharepoint case studies that they were experimenting with are now part of third-party migration tools with updated product APIs to support them.

Creating an inventory database We loaded sites into a database that we used to categorize and sort them.

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It includes time-based reporting and tracking. It is noticeably superior to previous versions of SP. We asked, "Is there something you always hated about the way your team site works?

A few of these were so complex that we kept them on-premises. In the end, we were unable to migrate about 3 percent of our sites see below for why. The new experience features the document library command Ms sharepoint case studies, which, among other things, lets you launch flows and sync files to your Mac or PC.

Further to the mobile trend, and to better support all those millennials that need to access the intranet via their phone, MS is soon releasing a new SharePoint app that is in preview release right now.

First of all, we have been able to provide a broad range of skills to allow Beacon Lighting to expand upon its initial investment and get additional value from IT to improve its business. Most were rebuilt as part of our start fresh initiative and the rest were completely shut down because new projects or teams had superseded them and no one was using them.

And the numbers are astounding: Now, in the cloud, new features and upgrades are released every week. This minimized custom page development, gave our intranets some fundamental consistency, and allows us to centrally respond to product and business changes with one package as opposed to changing each portal individually.

Starting with our custom design package with a master pages and templates, we started by building out the framework for the site. Continuing the journey The next step for Beacon Lighting is to extend the replenishment and merchandising system to its wholesale importing function.

Download printable PDF Sharing information and improving workflow across the organisation Beacon Lighting has been illuminating Australian homes since They had to write new processes or modify others each time a new challenge surfaced.

However, at least Microsoft is straying into this space, and has built a framework that is easy-to-use and plug-and-play. We experimented on our own repeatable processes in addition to using third-party tools to learn where to improve the core product migration pipeline as well as to meet our migration goal.

Building a consistent UI across all portals Much like we wanted to simplify the way we delivered content on our portals, we simplified the look and feel of our mastheads, our pages, and all of the UI elements of the new SharePoint experience by using the Office standard suite navigation.

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Getting rolling Pacing ourselves: The main change is that we adopted dynamic rendering, which allowed content to show up well on all devices. For example, a store manager may check the reports on stock at hand and use this data to initiate the process of an inter-store transfer. Retire, refactor, and replace complexity with out-of-the-box tools or third-party solutions.

There are several partner-built migration tools available. Sharing with existing individual external accounts can be done on SharePoint Online.

Among the new UX features, particularly noticeable in the new SharePoint Communications Sites, are drag-and-drop web parts for image galleries, slideshows, hero slideshow, and video.

Others were regional and were affected by regulations that required them to remain in that region, versus in a central cloud tenancy.

The columns now also have new filters. We call the technique we used for migrating these sites "lift and shift," named for lifting a site as-is and then shifting it to the cloud with the same capabilities and the same look and feel. Store your sites and data in different physical locations.

Altogether, our employees have stored more than terabytes of content on OneDrive for Business versus 8 terabytes previously stored on MySites.

It looks fantastic, and one is left to believe that MS has finally figured out mobile computing anyone remember the first mobile-friendly SharePoint ?

Sites with large local term stores were also a challenge to migrate to the cloud as the term set references needed to be remapped manually. Project Server is another addition: We had a team leader from IT to guide the project and a leader from the SharePoint product group to experiment with new product API patterns that might be helpful.

Refactoring our custom solutions and portals in Office using new SharePoint application models to decouple SharePoint from the solution allowed us to move them to the cloud without affecting other sites. That included master page layouts, list schemas and views, and InfoPath forms and workflows. We did this for an entire year before migration started and the results were very strong—we were able to retire half of our SharePoint sites before we even started migration.

Reports are created using Reporting Services and accessed via the SharePoint portal. Telling our story with custom portals At Microsoft, SharePoint is the main way we communicate with our employees—all of our major intranet portals and employee experience web sites are built on custom SharePoint solutions.

The IT department also receives a copy of all requests so that they can ensure the system is working effectively. We also wanted to position them so that they could take advantage of new capabilities that came with moving to the cloud.Nov 08,  · This case study gives an overview of new SharePoint Web Content Management features, and also how Mavention used these features when they upgraded their website from SharePoint to SharePoint Case Studies, Success Stories, Customer Stories & Customer References of individual Microsoft SharePoint customers - their use cases, successful stories, approaches, and customer success results of using the software or service/5().

Search AvePoint's Case Studies, showing how DocAve and AvePoint software have delivered solutions to the world's most esteemed organizations. United States U.S. Department of State Manages and Protects Microsoft SharePoint Environment for 30, Users with AvePoint.

Learn how the U.S. Department of State scanned SharePoint. Read case study Global hotel and hospitality brand enables collaboration with Office and SkySync Community church streamlines back office operations with OfficeSharePoint and KnowledgeLake. Customer Stories Animal hospital builds a modern, welcoming environment.

Office gives VCA employees new ways to communicate, whether they work from a hospital, lab, office, or facility across the VCA network—improving pet care and client service.

Customer Stories & Case Studies Our clients are professional services firms, non-profits, healthcare organizations, government contractors and federal government agencies that need to improve performance through effective knowledge sharing.

Ms sharepoint case studies
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