Protecting againist macro viruses

One of the common ways, a macros virus can harm your computer is by replacing the normal functioning macros, and causing a series of automatic actions that prove destructive to your files. This means that you have to rely on the file thumbnail to identify the type of file.

From a MIME parsing perspective, this means that having a virus scanner one that uses the native MIME parser at each destination increases the likelihood of exposing viruses.

Be cautious about unsolicited attachments. Either way, make sure the firewall is on…To check the Windows Firewall go to the security settings in your control panel.

Simple Steps to Defend Against Viruses, Spyware and Adware

Have Firewall Protection Make sure you have a firewall enabled on your computer. Not everyone can get away with using free Anti-virus software because it depends what you do on your computer.

These programs let you download files from other computer users connected to their program network. Backup regularly and keep a recent backup copy off-site.

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Anti-Virus Measures

This program offers full protection along with full computer maintenance. Anything you can do when protecting your computer from viruses has to be a good thing and is well worth spending your time on. If you have had a virus in the past you would know how devastating it is when you lose all of your files and your computer crashes.

The file can appear to be named like the file you want, however it could be anything. They cannot travel in text email messages.

Top 10 Tips to Protect Yourself Against Computer Viruses

Many websites on the Internet offer free driver downloads, however, many of them contain viruses. If you go near these sites you are immediately asking for trouble. See the screen shot below. A macro virus can transfer to other computers and applications through various ways, such as, by opening email attachments, downloading applications, sharing infected floppy discs, and through networks and modems.

Macros are found in computer systems. In some cases, viruses can be delivered by embedding them in a macro, which appears to users as a much more benign document such as a Word or Excel file.

A software program will not upgrade your memory but it will clean out all the junk files, detect Malware, delete unused registry keys, Automatic Driver updates, and more.Macro viruses add their code to the macros associated with documents, spreadsheets and other data files.

The first macro virus, called Concept, appeared in July and macro viruses (mostly infecting Word documents) subsequently became the dominant type of virus until the turn of the century, when Microsoft disabled macros by default in Office (versions since Office ): since then.

A macro virus is defined as “a computer virus written in the same macro language used for software applications, such as word processors.” Microsoft Word and Excel are two examples of applications that feature powerful macro languages, which are embedded in documents so they run automatically.

In some cases, viruses can be delivered by embedding them in a macro, which appears to users as a much more benign document (such as a Word or Excel file). To protect against such viruses, Outlook and Outlook Web Access provide the following attachment-blocking features.

How to Prevent Macro Viruses

When enabled, the Word macro virus protection tool will display a warning message when you attempt to open a file with embedded macros. The alert will allow you to select whether or not to open the document, or to open it with macros disabled.

Sophos Best Practices - Viruses. Sophos is the Leader in Antivirus, Spam Protection, Malware Removal and Network Encryption. Macro viruses subsequently became the dominant type of virus. Melissa Virus Melissa made history as the first macro virus with email worm trait and started spreading via email on March 26, infecting tens of thousands within hours.

Protecting againist macro viruses
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