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He baptized several chieftains in the area. It had covered stories ranging from natural disasters, man-made disasters, religious conflicts, tribal conflicts, political controversies, social issues and crime stories in the entire Mindanao island.

Mount Apo is the highest point in the Philippines. This is the time the town of Davaothen called Nueva Vergara by the Spaniards, was established in the year The island is mountainous, and is home to Mount Apothe highest mountain in the country.

Wartime Japanese occupation[ edit ] Induring World War IIas the Japanese occupation of the Philippines began, the region was one of the first among the Philippine regions to be subjected by Japanese occupation.

During this period, private farm ownership grew in the region. Other parts of the island consist mainly of Cenozoic and Quaternary volcanic or sedimentary rocks. Batorampon Point is the highest mountain of the southernmost end of the peninsula, reaching a height of only 1, meters 4, feet ; it is located in the boundary of Zamboanga City.

Spanish administration[ edit ] For centuries the tribes lived in relative peace until the Spanish, under the adventurous Spanish businessman Don Jose Oyanguren, arrived in the region in Mindanao is surrounded by four seas: West of Davao City stand two inactive volcanoes: These Japanese were hated by the Moro Muslims and disliked by the Chinese.

InStephen Manangan and Melanie Severino became the main anchors. The live simulcast will once again take effect on Monday, July 2, There are several places in the Zamboanga Mountains where small inter-mountain basins have been created, with some potential for future agricultural development.

The Mindanao island group is an arbitrary grouping of islands in southern Philippines which comprises the Mindanao mainland, the Sulu Archipelago consisting of the islands of BasilanSuluand Tawi-tawiand the outlying islands of CamiguinDinagatSiargaoand Samal.

Davao Region

These are the same tribes that created the small settlements and communities that eventually became Mindanao. A series of volcanic mountains is located within the vicinity of Lake Lanao forming a broad arc through the Lanao del SurCotabato and. Around JanuaryFrancis Xaviera Jesuit priest, left Malacca and went to Molucca Islandsthen called the Spice Islands, where the Portuguese had some settlements, and for a year and a half he preached the Gospel to the inhabitants of Amboyna, Ternate, Baranura, and other lesser islands.

This remote and forbidding coast is made doubly difficult to access during the months from October to March by the heavy surf driven before the northeast trade winds. The newscast had later introduced once again their new logo and set, making Southern mindanao the first regional group to do so since TV Patrol revamped a week earlier.

Mount Dapia is the highest mountain in the Zamboanga Peninsula, reaching a height of 2, meters 8, feet. American administration[ edit ] After the Spanish—American War inSpanish rule in the region ended.

It is claimed by some that during this expedition he landed on the island of Mindanao, which is confirmed by some writers of the seventeenth century, and in the Bull of canonization issued in Mountains[ edit ] The mountains of Mindanao can be grouped into ten ranges, including both complex structural mountains and volcanoes.

A second north—south mountain range extends from Talisayan in the north, to Tinaca Point in the southernmost point of Mindanao. It is believed that the ManobosMandayasKalagansMansakasand the Bagobos occupied the area. The structural mountains on the extreme eastern and western portions of the island show broad exposures of Mesozoic rock, and Ultrabasic rocks at the surface in many places along the east coast.TV Patrol Southern Mindanao (formerly TV Patrol Mindanao and TV Patrol Davao) is the local news program of the ABS-CBN Regional Network Group in Davao City.

It has been the most watched news program in Davao City and Davao Region. The newscast is a tabloid-style format, and delivers news headlines about the current events in Southern Created by: ABS-CBN Regional Network Group.

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Southern mindanao
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