The spanish republic and the civil war 1931 1939 essay

In Julya leading right wing politician, Sotelo, was murdered and the right wing politicians and their supporters believed that they were now in serious danger. In Barcelona, on the other hand, anarchist workers seized arms and put down the rebellion with violent street fighting.

He imprisoned and many upon coming to power--up to a million according to some estimates. Azana resigned as prime minister and elections were called for November The Spanish election had already been widely celebrated as a great victory in progressive publications in Britain, France, and the United States.

Although it only received 0.

Meanwhile, World War II was under way, and many of the volunteers took up arms against fascism again. It also effectively disestablished the Roman Catholic Churchbut the disestablishment was somewhat reversed by the Cortes that same year. In particular he Basque case illustrates that, as long as the leading classes of "overdeveloped "regions are able to influence state political and economic decisions, they will refrain from the formulation of nationalist programs.

Believing that the government was exclusively concerned with defeating Franco and indifferent or antagonistic toward the major social revolution needed in Spain, an anti-Stalinist Marxist group, the POUM, provoked several days of rioting and sporadic fighting in early May of in Barcelona.

It led Picasso to produce his massive painting "Guernica," perhaps the most famous work of graphic art to come out of the war. After eighty days of fighting, Bilbao was taken on June 19th, Santander on August 26th. The constitution provided generally accorded civil liberties and representation.

With Lerroux as head of Government, the new coalition suspended most of the reforms carried out by the last government.

The Causes Of The Spanish Civil War History Essay

In fact, there are five main reasons or causes fig. Mola organized for military action in Pamplona, while Franco traveled to Morocco to lead the African installment of the Spanish army against the republic. Success or failure sometimes depended on accident or clever strategy.

Flag of the Second Spanish Republic

In the summer ofafter the outbreak of the Spanish Civil Warit became largely irrelevant after the authority of the Republic was superseded in many places by revolutionary socialists and anarchists on one side, and fascists on the other.

Hand in hand with widespread poverty and suffering went a certain fervent hope for change and a belief in the possibility of finding collective solutions to common economic problems. The most thorough one-volume general history of the war.

Spain was a country in which landless peasants cobbled together a bare subsistence living by following the harvests on vast, wealthy agricultural estates.

That alliance would come, but only after Munich, after Spain had fallen, and after the West tried every imaginable means of appeasing Hitler.The president of the Spanish Republic until nearly the end of the war was Manuel Azaña, an anticlerical liberal.

The Outbreak of the Spanish Civil War Essay Words | 7 Pages. The Spanish civil war of was an important conflict in Spain’s history. This war was initiated by a military revolt led by General Francisco Franco. The Spanish civil war raged from July 17,until April 1,when the Nationalists, led by General Francisco Franco (–), overcame the ruling Republican, or Loyalist, government to take control of.

The flag of the Second Spanish Republic, The simplified military flag of the Second Spanish Republic was also used by the Spanish Maquis between the end of the Spanish Civil War and the early s, and later by the Spanish National Liberation Front (FELN).

() Military use. - The Spanish civil war of was an important conflict in Spain’s history. This war was initiated by a military revolt led by General Francisco Franco on the 17 July and ended with Franco’s victory on the 1 April, The Spanish Civil War () Summary On April 14, the Spanish monarchy was declared overthrown and a provisional government took power.

Second Spanish Republic

In the ensuing years, the government became increasingly divided between the socialists of the extreme left and the monarchists of the extreme right. Before the Spanish civil war Spain was ruled by the king but due the great depression that drove the country into an economic collapse and massive unemployment in Spain and as a result the king was forced to abdicate on 14 April and Spain becomes a republic.

The spanish republic and the civil war 1931 1939 essay
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