The stormy sixties 1960 a 1968

When election time came, Johnson dominated Goldwater to 52 in the electoral vote. The Stormy Sixties, — him his job m. The two antiwar candidates whose strong political showing forced Johnson to withdraw from the presidential race were a. The number of people in poverty in was about the same as the number in poverty in which subsequent year?

The Kennedy administration was pushed into a stronger stand on civil rights by a. One of them is not in the continental United States. T F opposition to segregation and discrimination. Third-party candidate whose conservative, hawkish campaign won 9 million votes and carried five states l.

McNamara University of Mississippi, shot during a3. The Stormy Sixties, — The campaigns of Senators McCarthy and Kennedy forced Johnson to withdraw as a presidential candidate and promoted de-escalation of the Vietnam War.

Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona is nominated as Republican. Vietnam and researchers say that N. Opposition to the Vietnam War in Congress was centered in a.

The Stormy Sixties, — Johnson wanted limited action in the war, whereas Goldwater wanted more. The fundamental military policy of the Kennedy administration was to a. Vietnam was provoked by the U. President of France, Charles de Gaulle, was suspicious of American intentions in Europe and invetoed British application for Common Market membership, fearing that the British "special relationship" with the United States would allow the U.

Map MasteryMap DiscriminationUsing the maps and charts in Chapter 38, answer the following questions. Matching People, Places, and EventsMatch the person, place, or event in the left column with the proper description in the right column byinserting the correct letter on the blank line.

Kennedy inaugurated on January 20, Appointed Robert Kennedy as attorney general. Led to an American military request formore troops as well as growing public discontent with the Vietnam WarG.

The first major foreign-policy disaster of the Kennedy administration came when a. Led to a U. Led to a humiliating defeat when Kennedy forced the Soviet Union to back down i. The Cuban missile crisis ended when a. Western Europe was prospering after the Marshall Plan aid and the growth of the Common Market, the free-trade area later called the European Union.

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In what year did the number of people below the poverty line return to approximately the same level it had been at in ?

Charismatic president whose brief administration experienced domestic stalemate and foreign confrontations with communism k.

IdentificationSupply the correct identification for each numbered description. What led the United States to become so deeply involved in the Vietnam War? What are the most plausible explanations for these patterns?

Which five states outside the Northeast did Humphrey carry in ? Helped push through historic civil rights legislation in and Angry discontent in northern black ghettos e. Nixon promoted separatism in the early s Originally, ghettoes were enclosed Jewish districts in Europe. Nonviolent black leader whose advocacy of peaceful change came under attack from militants after i.

Johnson later claimed that the Navy was shooting at whales. First black student admitted to the2.

Chapter 38: The Stormy Sixties (1960-1968)

Most of the racial riots of the s occurred in a. Navy had been working alongside S. What political strengths did Kennedy possess that Johnson did not, and vice versa? Would the s have unfolded in substantially different ways had President Kennedy not been assassinated.The Stormy Sixties () APUSH Chapter 38 study guide by Gabriela15 includes 29 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more.

Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades. The Stormy Sixties, – PART I: REVIEWING THE CHAPTER A. Checklist of Learning Objectives After mastering this chapter, you should be able to: 1.

Describe the high expectations stirred by Kennedy’s New Frontier and his limited success in achieving his domestic objectives. The Stormy Sixties () Kennedy's "New Frontier" Spirit(Brittan) John F. Kennedy inaugurated on January 20, ; Appointed Robert Kennedy as attorney general.

Home» AP US History» Notes» The American Pageant, 14th Edition Textbook Notes. Chapter 38 - The Stormy Sixties, Printer Friendly Chapter The Stormy Sixties – ; Chapter The Stalemated Seventies –. Chapter The Stormy Sixties, – him his job m.

―Beat‖ poet of the s whose hostility to materialism and ―establishment‖ values helped lay groundwork for s ―counterculture‖ n. The Stormy Sixties – Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans.

The stormy sixties 1960 a 1968
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