Thesis on music and architecture

Is the architecture tertiary? Aug 9, 05 4: Good luck- this is a topic I am fairly interested in myself. Music and architecture Hi friend Also, all examples are not successes and there are only a few buildings that you can match with music harmony.

As I know, his final project was about this topic, and he got an excellent point for his MS diploma, too. Aug 9, 05 1: Music and architecture Hi, yes I know Mr.

A couple texts were really helpful to me: Many people say rhythm is common, few say harmony is common, some said colors are common each note each RAGA in Indian classical music is associated with a color and some said spatiality is common.

I was lucky enough to get access to "TWI" studios and do a case studies on how they treated sound. Corb was most obsessed with the trippy visual image display that accompanied the project including lots of gloom and doom images of the world followed with images of his projects as a suggestion of how the world could be saved.

Aug 9, 05 7: After dealing with any programmatic building typology for more than a year as you will with a graduate thesisyou will want to have chosen something you enjoy I tried to see and analyze at least 10 music institutions and read about 20 more odd institutions of music.

Lots of low cost methods possible!! And try to understand the harmony between them. Aug 8, 05 4: He gave the shape not form from his personal music in his architectural ideas. Aug 8, 05 8: Is it about performance over community outreach? Thus I decided to go further deep and understand the concept of space a musician creates through music.

Take a look at his writings.

Music Related Thesis Project

I did a graduate level thesis on Residential music school with special reference to the same topic. My approach was to meet, talk and observe. Is the core idea about instruction first and the music as subject matter secondary? Site of Sound is also good. Good luck, Ali Tahernian Thesis: How do you want to translate the experience or generation of music into the building and into the building noun and verb?

Aug 8, 05 7: Start with the idea and let that influence what the program should be, not the other way around. My approach was to search what in the architecture affect the musician and listener.Aug 09,  · my thesis dealt with music as well but in a different way - as a syntactic model for architecture - - -- understanding music as a construction in time and then focusing on orchestrating the passage of time in my project.

Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in. A Quest on the Relationships between Music and Architecture Farhad Tayyebi Submitted to the I certify that this thesis satisfies the requirements of thesis for the degree of Master of Science in Architecture.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Özgür Dinçyürek Chair, Department of Architecture. My Architecture Thesis Project: Music in Architecture (Conceptual Study Part), and Education and its Importance In society. Applied into International School Design. Had a hard time to find all the details needed for my thesis when I was doing this, hope this helps u in one way or another, well at least this should kick start you!

I have put my entire thesis /5(21). tee), Paul Reller (Thesis Committee), Trent Green (Thesis I Professor) Words could not express the gratitude to my family and friends for the endless support and standing by my side throughout this crazy endeavor called architecture school.

This thesis focuses on what I call musical architecture, specifically the parallels between ideas of layering sound in space. My goal was to explore the physiological and the psychological implications of designing space around aural perceptions to create a harmonized sonic thesis book is a compilation of two semesters.

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Thesis on music and architecture
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