Writing a feature article powerpoint presentation

Focusing is narrowing your topic—reducing a large amount of informaton to a usable amount. The choice you make becomes the tone, or mood of the story, and it should always match the content. But do not wait for the perfect intro before you start writing. July Zoom for PowerPoint Note: A news peg is the relationship of a feature to, or how a feature is pegged on, something in the news.

Too many profiles turn into a tedious recounting of biographical facts or are unrelated anecdotes sandwiched between quotations. Play around with ideas and images until you hit on one that works. Structure After you have written the lead, you need a structure in which to place the information.

To learn more, see Use Zoom for PowerPoint to bring your presentation to life. You collect as many details as possible. A sidebar is an article that accompanies and appears beside the main news story.

Before you begin writing, you will focus on the main idea you want to get across, and organize your information, eliminating that which does not go along with your focus.

See Customize the ribbon in Office. September Design ideas for process-oriented text PowerPoint notices when you write a bulleted process list on a slide, and it reacts by offering to turn your text into a SmartArt graphic to represent that process. You can choose whether to allow people to download your original PowerPoint presentations and photo slideshows for a fee or free or not at all.

The first sentence must make the reader want to read the second sentence. Choose a thumbnail picture of a person to begin an IM conversation by using Skype for Business or open their contact card information. Better presentation recording is only available if you have an Office subscription.

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You can chat with them instantly by using Skype for Business and can view document activity, all from the top-right corner on the ribbon. List ideas that could be developed into a feature story.

Writing a feature article powerpoint presentation

We need your feedback to help us deliver great products. Features put people in the story; they make the reader think and care. Document activity The new Activity pane lets you see the complete list of changes made so far, and gives you access to the earlier versions.

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Feature Writing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Most of the presentations and slideshows on PowerShow. Finding the right voice You have many voices. Now when you open your shared presentation, in a glance you can see who is working within the document and where.

When all the details are added together, the reader is placed in the scene you are describing. You can write a feature story about anyone if you find an unusual angle that captures the interest of your readers. The look and feel of presentation recording in PowerPoint is changing to an even better experience than it was before.

Or use it to find and download high-quality how-to PowerPoint ppt presentations with illustrated or animated slides that will teach you how to do something new, also for free.

Play them forward or backward. For instance, you would not use humor to write about a tragic auto accident. In-app feedback Have a comment or suggestion about Microsoft Office?An Article By Any Other Name.

How to write a good feature article - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

The Low-Down on Feature Articles * * * * * * * What is a Feature Article? Creative Deals with real events, issues, and trends Unlike news articles, it places emphasis on the people involved rather than on the facts Written to a specific audience Author writes to persuade readers to adopt his opinion on the topic Organized with text features The Various Feature.

Please refer to this powerpoint presentation for better understanding on the subject matter.

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FEATURE WRITING: CONCLUSION THE END CAN BE A comment A concluding quote A question A summary of the article STEPS TO DEVELOP A FEATURE STORY Prewriting Writing Revising Proofreading STEPS: PREWRITING Step 1. FINDING THE STORY Step 2.

GATHERING THE INFORMATION Step 3. The PowerPoint PPT presentation: "Feature Writing" is the property of its rightful owner. A sidebar is an article that accompanies and appears beside the main news story.

Additionally, many features are develped around what is called a news peg. A news peg is the relationship of a feature to, or how a feature is pegged on, something in the news.

Writing a feature article powerpoint presentation
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