Writing a simple game in python

Oh, and another thing Stage 1 - Create a blank screen Stage 2 - Draw the arena, the paddles and the ball Stage 3 - Move the ball around Stage 4 - Check for a collision with all edges Stage 5 - Move the players paddle Stage 6 - Move the computers paddle with Artificial Intelligence Stage 7 - Check for a collision with the paddles Stage 8 - Add a scoring system Stage 9 - Finally we will look at methods to increase the speed for slower computers As we go through this tutorial I will provide the whole of the code at the beginning.

Rect X co-ordinate, Y co-ordinate, Width of Rectangle, Length of Rectangle As we have just defined all this information we can easily create the three rectangles, Creates Rectangles for ball and paddles. The displacement is a vector, having the angle of self.

The code The complete package for part 1, with all the required images, can be downloaded from here. This only happens for rotations that are not multiples of 90 degrees, by the way see exercise 6.

If we give 45 degrees to rotate, it will make the creep point north-east as its rotation is counterclockwise. Where I feel it necessary I will add additional lines in with the code to help you understand where you should type the code.

Once you do, understanding how the creep bounces off walls is easy. This will ensure our game is updated so many times per second to match out FPS rate.

For ease I have set up some variables for the colours. We use this to allow us to write notes about our code. To make understanding deeper, one must also practice the material. We must take the size into account for detecting collisions with the walls.

To do that, expand the Project Interpreter: The displacement is computed from the basic rule of motion that distance equals speed multiplied by time, just in 2 dimensions. To do that, click button next to the Location field, and specify the directory for your project.

The creep images contained in the downloadable package are small. To make it easier lets create a separate function to draw the arena, the two paddles and the ball.

Python Code Examples

Rather, the program displays a sequence of images with small displacements fast enough for the human eye to perceive movement.

It will use it to figure out how to bounce off walls, and where to draw itself. We know that at some point we will expect our ball to move around the screen i.

Step Creating and Running Your First Python Project

To help you isolate each stage I will also provide the complete code for that stage as we get to it.Python Hangman Game Python Command Line IMDB Scraper Python code examples Here we link to other sites that provides Python code examples. ActiveState Code - Popular Python recipes ultimedescente.com Nullege - Search engine for Python source code ultimedescente.com Recommended Python Training – DataCamp.

Writing Pong using Python and Pygame but it was a massive hit in its day or so I am told. But don't be deceived, although a simple game, Pong covers a wide range of aspects of computer game programming. There is movement, control, collision detection, scoring, artificial intelligence.

We are going to program pong using Python and Pygame. I need help with a python game im working on (I just started learning Python about 3 days ago, so I'm still a nOob =) This is what I came up with: import random from time import sleep print ".

Same idea as ultimedescente.com but uses a Game class to organize the code. This is a more advanced way of organizing the code. This is a more advanced way of organizing the code.

It helps if you want to “restart” a game once it is over. In this tutorial we’ll create a simple Python script, so we’ll choose Pure Python. This template will create an empty project for us.

Choose the project location. To do that, click button next to the Location field, and specify the directory for your project. Python best practice is to create a virtualenv for each project.

If you're a fan of Python (and even if you aren't) and are interested in games, Pygame is a great library for game programming, and you should definitely check it out.

It runs on all major platforms, and provides simple tools to manage complex graphical worlds with movement and sounds.

Writing a simple game in python
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